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Washington, June 21 (ANI): To test the validity of present and future proposals related to the probable cause of Alzheimer's disease (AD), a researcher has recommended three postulates, or necessary conditions.
The postulate of extensionality seeks to capture the notion of irrelevancy of the syntax, that is, independent of the "syntax" form with which certain belief is represented, the changes in the epistemic state should be the same.
Most physicists expect that as triple-slit experiments are conducted with other particles, such as electrons and bucky-balls, the case for Born's postulate will get stronger, Dowker says.
We also emphasize the principles of the diagnosis and treatment of recirculation, and we postulate the possibility of ethmoid recirculation.
Since I discovered the linguistic postulates of the Jaqi languages of South America to be quite different from those of English, I have found it worthwhile to compare the major Jaqi and English postulates--ones that require realization in virtually every sentence of each.
Study after study, they said, has failed to find any association, leaving proponents of the fat hypothesis to postulate that perhaps the fat content of the diet needed to be very low, below 20 percent of total calories, or perhaps women had to start eating low-fat diets when they were children.
Therefore, the authors postulate that therapeutically blocking the activity of IKK-[beta] in humans would likely block the inflammatory response, preventing MODS.
Going a little further, you could postulate that these traces are left there to offer up a record of the hesitancy and contingency that subtend the clarity and precision of the drawings themselves.
The wish to produce art that is fully in the world seems from the outset a determining one, but even with this postulate, Serra never fails to emphasize that his outdoor sculptures, as site-specific as they might be, in no way share the hypotheses of what in architecture has been called "contextualism.
Although the mechanism remains unclear, researchers postulate that the T cells are diverted from their offensive against beta casein and redirected toward insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.
All working-class men and women of that time and place had reason to fear being hanged, postulates Linebaugh, supporting his theories about the use of public hanging as a weapon of the ruling class with extensive evidence and historical cases.
This model postulates that effective intervention requires not only intensive supervision and services after institutional release but also a focus on reintegration during incarceration and a highly structured and gradual transition between institutionalization and aftercare.