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de la Torre believes that any likely cause of AD would need to satisfy the criteria established by the three postulates when hypothetical proposals are submitted to explain the pathogenesis of AD.
Although the reason why quantum interference stops at two isn't clear, Born's postulate has been widely accepted by physicists.
Franken postulates that liberal talk radio has had no "farm team" of local talents who can move on to become experienced radio veterans.
First, within the granulomatous brain lesions, the strongest evidence for the authors' conclusion, no acid-fast bacilli were isolated or identified on special stains; thus, the Koch postulates were not satisfied.
Smith postulates that it is not the deepest human nature that causes society's problems, but rather our failure to be our being that is to blame.
Gutas draws evidence for these postulates from two periods in Islamic history.
Twenty postulates were developed to guide the philosophical inquiry as well as professional development.
In her article "Buy Nothing, Improve Everything" (November/December 2003 issue of the Humanist), Ilana Boivie postulates "a simple cause and effect relationship.
The author postulates that the hyperhomocysteinemia predisposed this patient to clot formation in the left internal jugular vein and this in turn led to the development of the Meniere's symptoms.
Complex shapes have, so far, not proven to be a problem, and Karsch postulates there would be no problem making a tank with relatively sharp radii for a mid-size PZEV vehicle.
Three mathematical works by Khayyam (English translations only) are presented: Treatise on Algebra (Risala fi al-jabr wa al-muqabala), Treatise on the Division of a Quadrant of a Circle (Risala fi qisma rub' al-da'ira), and Commentary on the Difficulties of Certain Postulates of Euclid's Work (Risala fi sharh ma ashkal min musadarat kitab Uqlidis).
Pediatric patients had a greater Aspergillus isolate recovery, probably because "family and staff hold children in close contact, and spores pass from clothing to patients," postulates Streifel.