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The governor, as usual, had him at his "prosnics," and plied him with fiery potations.
After a long nap he again raised his head, imbibed another potation of the "sweet and strong," flashed up with another slight blaze of French gayety, and again fell asleep.
No man was seen to drink by himself, nor in any instance was more than one vessel considered necessary for the same beverage; but the glass or the mug was passed from hand to hand until a chasm in the line or a regard to the rights of ownership would regularly restore the dregs of the potation to him who de frayed the cost.
When the forester had got his potation also, he quietly took his seat on the end of one of the logs that lay nigh the fires, and the slight interruption produced by his entrance seemed to he forgotten.
was the only drink with which unhappy gentlemen soothed the fever of their previous night's potation.
Mr Riderhood got out his bottle, and fetched his jug-full of water, and administered a potation.
I have not been able either to persuade my brother or to prevail on myself, to disuse the traffic or the potation of brandy, but perhaps a pledge of total abstinence might effectually restrain us.
KARACHI -- Karachi police on Monday claimed to have arrested seven alleged criminals, including two smugglers, in different search potations in the city.
So, from the sushi counter, I jumped straight to my Indian favourites: Dahi puri, which is basically a mini puri called golgappa stuffed with mashed potations and chickpeas; paper chaat, fried dough doused in yoghurt and tamarind chutney; and a Mumbai favourite, vada pav, which is basically a potato patty served in a sandwich.