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My grandfather was a pioneer in the sweet potato business," says Matthew Alvernaz, who now manages the farming operation with his father, Ben, and Uncle Jim.
Using a sharp knife, and without cutting the potato all the way through, carefully cut very thin vertical slices into each potato, working lengthways.
Transfer the potato chunks to a large steamer insert or a large colander and set over a pot of boiling water.
Global and Chinese potato flour capacity production, capacity market share, production market share, supply-demand shortage, import-export consumption and other data as well as statistics are presented in this report.
The following year, the potato patch was located on a beautiful parcel of gently-sloping cow pasture, with a start-up family farm willing to take on the responsibility of fencing, plowing and watering the future patch.
uk - a website dedicated to the search for and sharing of potato recipes - people in Birmingham have their own unique approach, especially when it comes to mash.
All the family can take part in traditional favourites like the spud sack race and the spud'n'spoon race or even make your own Mr and Mrs Potato Head.
Back in Vardaman, sampling the goodies at Sweet Potato Sweets quickly leads to sensory overload.
Place your saved potato skins on an ungreased baking sheet.
Walter also grows seed potatoes for other growers and has been active in the potato industry for many years.
Childers' baked, not fried, unique-tasting potato chips, with just one gram of fat per one-ounce serving, offer refuge for chip-aholics.
He started out by preparing batches of potato salad from his apartment on a part-time basis.