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A local exporter Mehman Guseynov who transports potato to Baku and Russia, says that demand for his potatoes has increased two to three times.
It remains unknown since when Koreans have enjoyed potato wine, due to a lack of written records.
GB Agriculture Deputy Director Abdul Khabeer, Programme Director Saeed Iqbal and Gilgit Deputy Commissioner Usman Ahmad with the area potato seed growers spoke.
This especially rings true in light of our new survey findings which uncovered that a staggering 66% of UK consumers do not think there are currently enough sweet potato options available.
Starch from potato tubers is extensively used in paper, wood, textile and pharmaceutical industry where it is used as binder, texture, adhesive and filler agent.
The VEC on Potato met here with Chairman PARC Dr Yusuf Zafar in chair also noted that due to research of gri-scientists potato seed import has reduced by 50 percent.
Aside from french fries (365 calories) and potato chips (152 calories), the calorie count for potatoes doesn't exceed over the low 100s.
If you grew up in the '90s then the only potato chips you ate that time were the classic ones from Jack 'n Jill and Vcut.
Led by University of Idaho researcher Yi Wang, the group assessed more than 140 potato varieties.
The potato has been a mealtime staple among many cultures for thousands of years, but more recent emphasis on innovative varieties is the root of current demand for the vegetable.
Despite their popularity and recent sales gains, however, the overall potato category saw a decline of 4.
Potatoes can of course be a meal in themselves - a delicious baked potato is the ultimate comfort food.