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Open circuit potential (OCP) is measured with no external current applied to a metal surface.
Previous attempts to characterize geographic distributions of species in the disease realm have demonstrated the potential of the approach but have not always used the most powerful inferential techniques available (14,15).
If you identify potential risks or threats that cannot be addressed, then the idea should be abandoned.
With the potential growth rate having declined in most eurozone countries, it is much more likely that countries will experience phases during which growth is "slow" by historical standards.
If one is interested in the zeta potential of very small particles, such as fiber fines or filler particles, it is recommended to use microelectrophoresis (ME).
However, these plants must be grown in a favorable, stress-free environment for this genetic potential to fully express itself in terms of marketable yield.
The Lagrange equation that serves as the foundational model for the trajectory of a particle exposed to a potential field is first introduced.
However, potential new magnesium components could require geometries and properties that cannot be produced by high-pressure diecasting.
One of the recommendations in this approach was that animal models, when sufficiently developed and validated, could contribute valuable information to the process of identifying potential sensitization to food protein.
Such destructive potential arises out of a fundamental desire for self-preservation--to protect ourselves from material deprivation or the harm others might cause us, whether physical or emotional.
The second dimension of the conceptual model involves potential and encountered discriminations--the former refers to possible discrimination as a result of disclosing one's sexual orientation, and the latter refers to discriminatory practices encountered by the person.