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The probabilities of our future choices thus shift and change in response to the potentialities we actualize.
Shute emphasizes how the economy is at the service of moving the potentialities of nature into a standard of living and so has an organic structure, a human ecology, with laws that must be respected.
This is in itself remarkable, since the distinction between things and potentialities is fundamental.
Moreover, as Corliss Lamont argues in The Illusion of Immortality, knowledge of the finality of death "liberates all our energy and time for the realization and extension of the happy potentialities of this good earth.
Lovett has researched well the devastating effects of neurotoxins and has built this novel on the frightening realities and potentialities of the chemical weapons that are a threat in today's world.
8) At this point, an existing body capable of motion must bear some potentialities and some actualities.
One of the potentialities of architecture, with its capability to operate both technologically and culturally, and with its historical sensibility, is to be a tool for appropriate resistance.
Just as computing and internet technologies have spawned both innovation and confusion in our own time, so late nineteenth century people struggled to grasp the potentialities of the telegraph, the telephone, and electrical power.
Self actualization is defined as "a process of becoming", "the process of development which does not end", (Heylighen, 41), "the individual doing what he is fitted for - `what a man can be, he must be'", (Maslow 91), "a desire to become more and more what one is', (Maslow, 92), and ""being a mature, fully human person in whom the human potentialities have been realized and actualized", (Mittleman, 116).
Recently I heard a child on TV--an eight or nine year old--exult in the potentialities of this marvelous device.
By "education" I mean the process of developing the moral, intellectual, emotional, or physical potentialities of an individual or of society.
A computer that held this sprawling map of potentialities in its silicon brain would have the game down cold.