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Similarly, while the analogy is being used here to speak of individual human persons as body/spirit, our potentiality as human persons never exists in isolation.
However, the question of the role of the messianic is only fully addressed in Chapter 10 of de la Durantaye's book, where messianism is seen to be central to understanding the notion of potentiality itself.
In a Hegelian and Heideggerian framework, chapter four, "Writing," reassesses the significance of potentiality beyond a passive cultural state, as poiesis, production of language and subjectivity.
Art, if used in reference to a person's craft, has an apparent ontic reference, namely, the property that has been cultivated and nurtured from mere potentiality into whatever degree of actuality.
The order of the soul's content includes the individual's potentiality for passion, the capacity to be acted upon by external energies ("power"), and the habituated patterns of mind and body which are a recipe of virtues and vices that accumulate into what we now call an identity.
The purpose of the measurement of importance & potentiality of service sector is obvious in a planned economy where provision has to be made for the supply of these services from before hand.
Activity and potentiality define the present as site of work and therefore a place that is--that is, has the ontological character it has--in its being worked through.
A potentiality does not change the same way as an actual being changes.
The Oceans of Potentiality Program, in cooperation with scientific, multiple nonprofit and state education organizations, provides a Hawaii-wide experiential and accessible, guidance instruction network to help individuals with disabilities to attain interest, education and careers in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.
This integration can ultimately widen the scope of theoretical options, extend professionals' vision toward potentiality for comprehensiveness, and, moreover, it can lead to the development of new dimensions for research and facilitate creativity and refinement in practice.
But whether she wins or not becomes less important than the double insight she has about Gretchen's strength and Raymond's potentiality as a runner, which she now plans to cultivate--perhaps with Gretchen's help.
Commerce has begun exploring the mining potentiality of these mines as historical records register them as favorable prospects.