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In a similar critique, Antonio Negri has argued that Agamben 'denies the potentiality of being' and that 'bare life is the opposite of Spinozan potential and corporeal joy' (Negri quoted in and translated by Nielson, 2004: 68, emphasis in the original).
The potential past condition used verbs in Subjunctive Pluperfect Past ("AaAaAeA@l hubiera trabajado"--rough corresponding to "[if] he had worked") and the potential future condition used Indicative Conditional ("ella se dormirAaAaAeA a"--"she would fall asleep" Note that the selected verb forms stereotypically mark factuality and potentiality in Spanish.
While Derrida defines "play" as the permanent deferral that deconstructs from within western metaphysics (though still remaining on the threshold of it), Agamben characterizes it as a "use of the world" where potentiality has been disarticulated from the constraint of actuality, and where the appropriation of things, animals, and other humans as a means toward an end has ceased due to a "pure" (revolutionary) violence that has eliminated the sovereign fiction without creating a new one.
Sack uses Rumsfeld's gnostic pronouncement to declare that true potentiality can only exist in the unknown unknown, as it "breaks with the expected orders of past and present to perform an indeterminate future without rational end or function.
The treatise discusses the different meanings of potentiality and actuality as well as the way each of them applies or does not apply to the sensible realm, to the intelligible realm, and to matter.
Instead, studying gives access to the experience of potentiality freed from obedience to any sovereign command.
Appealing to the work of Lothar Schafer, I then explore this analogy in a way that understands spirit as the realm of potentiality and body as the realm of actualization, emphasizing that potential or virtual states are just as much a part of reality as occupied states in quantum physics; thus analogously all our potential, including what is unfulfilled, remains part of the reality of who we are as persons.
Rather, it concerns the radically open potentiality for action within the contemporary moment.
This exhibition promises to move past such polemics to examine instead the radical potentiality inherent in the array of materials Merz employed, with special consideration given to the everyday objects and consumer goods he penetrated with neon.
Neither community nor human nature remains static as long as its potentiality and impotentiality are equally present in its actuality.
Authoring; an essay for the English profession on potentiality and singularity.
Through the works of major thinkers and literary authors, from Heidegger, Benjamin, Bataille, and Derrida to Kafka, Blanchot, Leopardi, Caproni, and Agamben among many others, he thus investigates the implications of a discourse on ontology and temporality which, with its discontinuities and heterogeneity, substantiates the very capacity for openness and plurality that characterizes potentiality.