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Hospitals in the West had the fewest potentially preventable admissions (8 percent) while those in the South had the most (11 percent).
35(c)(2) states, "the opinion must relate the applicable law (including potentially applicable judicial doctrines) to the relevant facts.
In the multivariate analysis, white women, Hispanic women and women of other or unknown ethnicities were significantly less likely than blacks to have a primary cesarean that was potentially unnecessary (odds ratios, 0.
There is significant underutilization of potentially curative therapy, even among those with favorable clinical features," said Dr.
An enlargement of the aortic root, which attaches the aorta to the heart, could lead to a potentially fatal rupture or dissection if not corrected.
In pending litigation, an insurance company claims representative or claims examiner should consider insisting that defense counsel analyze whether the plaintiff is pursuing contribution from potentially responsible parties for costs incurred in a voluntary cleanup and, where appropriate, file motions to dismiss or other dispositive motions to test the current viability of those CERCLA claims.
The first is to immediately activate an investigation team to preserve evidence and inform the authorities and any potentially adverse parties of the company's loss.
If potentially ototoxic antibiotics are prescribed, should limits or conditions be placed on their use?
Participated in the organization of a potentially abusive tax shelter;
The process of weaponizing anthrax bacteria helps ensure that spores do not loose their virulency in light of the many environmental factors that could potentially reduce the potency of the anthrax or kill it outright.
Contaminated: the presence or reasonably anticipated presence of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an item or surface.