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Recently, we discovered that a contraction of the gill muscles induced by 5HT potentiates subsequent contractions, and that this endogenous potentiation--which occurs seasonally--is mediated by a nitric oxide/cyclic GMP/protein kinase-G pathway (Gainey and Greenberg, 2003).
The effect of LPR in the pediatric airway might be mediated by one or all of three mechanisms: (1) microaspiration with stimulation of the laryngeal adductor reflux, (2) micro-aspiration with chemical pneumonitis, and (3) stimulation of an esophageal-vagal and/or autonomic reflex that results in or potentiates bronchial constriction.
5-hour-long infusion of naloxone (which blocks the action of the brain's natural opiates), salt water, or butorphanol (a drug that can both potentiate and block opiates).
A list of nonheadache drugs that may potentiate migraine is included.
These are key structures in order to prevent loss of genetic information and DNA damage activation at the chromosome termini, thus avoiding genomic instability, which can potentiate tumorigenesis.
A sub-effective dose of bilberry may potentiate the effect of antidepressants belonging to the nonspecific nitric oxide synthase inhibitor group.
PXR agonists include a wide range of structurally diverse endogenous and exogenous compounds that have been shown to mediate clinically significant drug--drug interactions, exert biological effects in humans and animals, and potentiate the toxicity of environmental contaminants.
Both of these combinations can potentiate the effects of warfarin, Dr.
Experimental studies in animals suggest that [beta]-receptor stimulation in the eye following the use of anti-cholinergic agents can potentiate the mydriatic effect of beta-adrenergic agents by about two-fold (6).