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The first focuses on compounds that potentiate the effectiveness of Colistin without enhancing toxicity.
The beauty is that we are mixing FDA-approved drugs-antibiotics and iron chelators-to potentiate the effect of tobramycin on biofilm formation," said lead author Dr.
When tested for the ability to potentiate native GABA-A receptor responses in neurons, where a mixture of GABA-A receptor subtypes was present, indiplon had the highest affinity of the drugs tested, requiring concentrations that were 8, 13 and 170 times lower than zolpidem, zopiclone and zaleplon, respectively, to elicit the same receptor response; * When individual GABA-A receptor subtypes that varied in their alpha subunit composition were systematically expressed, indiplon showed the highest affinity and greatest selectivity for alpha 1 containing receptors (the primary target of "non-benzodiazepine" sleep agents).
2003) suggested that a number of different dithiocarbamates potentiate the toxicity of both MPTP and paraquat in mouse models of parkinsonism.
Ribavirin may potentiate the mitochondrial toxicity of nudeoside analogues, they said.
5,21) Side effects are the result of cocaine's ability to potentiate sympathetic nerve stimulation.
Mayhew says other work by his group suggests "liposomal doxorubicin can potentiate the host defense--similar to what the people at M.
Nabilone should be administered with caution to patients taking any CNS depressants, including alcohol, sedatives, hypnotics, or other psychoactive substances because these substances can potentiate the central nervous system effects of nabilone.
Project Description: Conservation and improvement of 1,950 hectares of forest through various management practices such as potentiate the species established in the vegetation, maintaining species in areas of use, the collection and dispersal of seeds mellific interest and eliminate competing species dispersed other pioneer plants, besides planting plants of interest.
The epilepsy syndrome and valproate treatment may interact to potentiate the reproductive disturbance," she said.
These results indicate that exercise following NO2 inhalation can potentiate the severity of the toxic response,' say Bruce E.
Goer, president and CEO of IntraOp Medical Corporation which manufacturers Mobetron, the first OR-ready, fully mobile, self-shielding IOERT system, said, "These results are quite exciting, not only because of the survival benefits provided to these very difficult-to-treat patients, but because these results also demonstrate that radiation sensitizers can potentiate IOERT and make IOERT treatments even more effective.