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Enzyme potentiated hyposensitization II: Effect of glucose, glucosamine, N-acetylamino-sugars and gelatin on the ability of beta-glucuronidase to block the anamnestic response to antigen in mice.
McEwen LM, Effects of sugars and diols on enzyme potentiated desensitization.
Potentiated and preferential effects of combined paraquat and maneb on nigrostriatal dopamine systems: environmental risk factors for Parkinson's disease?
These in vitro results were consistent with in vivo results in which arsenite potentiated the hypertensive effect of phenylephrine.
As shown in Figure 2, treatment with arsenate (pentavalent inorganic arsenic) also potentiated phenylephrine-induced contraction, whereas MM[A.
The programs' objective is to maximize the muscle capacity of the potentiated fibers.
Locomotor activity reductions were seen only in the PQ + MB group and not in response to either PQ or MB alone; that is, effects were potentiated.
Further, Maxamine significantly potentiated the effect of local radiotherapy by decreasing the number of cancer cells within the prostate tumors, and by increasing the frequency of apoptotic (dead) tumor cells.
5 mg/kg) potentiated reinstatement of the drug seeking-behavior, but inhibited cocaine seeking induced by a submaximal dose (10 mg/kg) of cocaine or the cocaine-associated cue.
Given that endotoxin potentiated the toxicity of several chemicals noted for their idiosyncratic reactions, these responses may have resulted from low-level, episodic, inflammatory events.