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Evaluation of double-disk potentiation and disk potentiation tests using dipicolinic acid for detection of metallo-[beta]-lactamase-producing Pseudomonas spp.
Further, in experimental animal studies, phenytoin has adversely affected neuromuscular transmission and post-tetanic potentiation (9,10).
Post-activation potentiation of unilateral CMJ height was achieved following 5 sequential squats at 50% 1RM, 2 squats at 70% 1RM, 1 squat at 90% 1RM with 3 min rest periods.
Our initial observation and cell signaling studies on p75NTR-induced potentiation of fenretinide efficacy were performed in SH-EP1 epithelioid human neuroblastoma cells [5,10].
Another possible mechanism that contributed to the results may be linked to the larger presence of post activation potentiation (PAP) at WBV + 30% BW compared to other interventions.
of M1BL isolates Negative Positive 1 IMP-EDTA combined disc test 50 38 12 2 IMP-EDTA double disc synergy 50 38 12 test 3 EDTA disc potentiation using ceftazidime, cefotaxime, 50 48 02 ceftizoxime & cefepime 4 E-Test 30 11 19
Transgenerational rescue of a genetic defect in long-term potentiation and memory formation by juvenile enrichment.
However, a small number of studies have also suggested that picture aversiveness could contribute to the startle reflex potentiation above and beyond the effects of emotional arousal.
These specific expectancies were the same as those described in the EQ, but the questionnaire did not include expectancies of positive affect potentiation, and physical and cognitive negative expectancies were grouped into a single scale.
Neurophysiological correlates of nociceptive heterosynaptic long-term potentiation in humans.
2+] increase, induces the enhancement of GABAergic transmission, which is called rebound potentiation (RP).