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A bee is drawn to the small but potently perfumed Eleagnus 'Quicksilver', above
Researchers report that the drug had no serious side effects, and has vast potential because of its ability to specifically and potently target single molecules, making it an option for many other genetic diseases, including cancer.
This potently installed gathering of more than 200 works of art and ephemera tracks the blaze of glory that were the Habima troupe (now Israel's national theatre) and the daring GOSET (or Moscow State Yiddish Theater, which thrived for 30 years before being brutally snuffed out during the Stalinist era).
Not since the Kennedy era has such a contest resonated so potently with so many people in America and beyond, including in this country.
A combination of a low dose of atorvastatin (Lipitor) and a low dose of celecoxib (Celebrex) potently inhibits the androgen-independent growth of prostate cancer in an animal model, according to research reported at the American Association of Cancer Research 2008 annual meeting in San Diego.
HuMax-ZP3 potently exhibits the Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC) and Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC) immune system killing mechanisms against ZP3-expressing tumor cells, Genmab said.
50), the one here potently flavored with espresso coffee sauce.
Yet Mark Jones' outfit had struck potently before this.
From this point, imperial power had to be displayed, most potently through the creation of the imperial monarchy.
Type 1 interferons potently enhance humoral immunity and can promote isotype.
Her apocalyptic wallpaper renders power, whether patriarchal or otherwise, potently visceral, productively slipping the noose of absolutist readings with each gummy convolution of line.