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Depois desse dia se tornou claro para todos que a rebeliao cultural--do tipo simbolizado pela Adbusters--nao desafia o sistema, mas e o sistema (Heath & Pother 2005: 3) (destaques dos autores).
and tho we keep a pother, / We're all but Play'rs, and sport for one another.
Angele--who has recently suffered the end of another relationship, this one with an African American artist, Anthony Cross, who had called a halt to his pursuit of Angele because he thought she was White--urges her to get married anyway, asserting that "'Personally I think all this pother about race and creed and colour [is] tommyrot'" (312).
As policy director for the nation's meat prominent group for persons age 50 or older, Pother jump starts efforts to improve Americans' quality of life by merely focusing attention on issues such as Medicare, cost of long term care, Social Security and the financial challenges facing the Baby Boomer generation.
pOther trial Costa Coffee concessions are at Reading, Chester, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Thurrock, York, Cambridge, Ipswich, Sheffield, Bath, Birmingham, Swansea, Bluewater, Peterborough, Bristol, Manchester, Kingston-upon-Thames, Watford and Brent Cross.
Instead of Courtship, and a tedious pother, / They only tip the Wink at one another; / Nay often the whole Nation, pig together.
Partnership with small farmers will be more efficient for the operator of integrated facility producing feed and on the pother hand, partnership will benefit small farmers as they wll have access to market and capital.
The view that if the apple has no intrinsic magic then the breach of the prohibition becomes a small matter--in other words that the Miltonic God is making a great pother about nothing--is expressed only by Satan.
Iain Duncan Smith has got himself into a right pother on the issue, which has split his front bench and party in Parliament.
POther pressing claims with fine form are Neil Clement of West Bromwich Albion, the excellent young Wolves defender Joleon Lescott and veteran Aston Villa goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel who has made a tremendous return to the Premiership.