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A lawyer said the accounts of the two main witnesses were very clear that the defendant had introduced the potpourri in which the camera was hidden.
Potpourri decided that to satisfy growing demand, it needed much more space than it had in Whitinsville.
According to Herring, the driving force behind Holiday Potpourri has been and still is parents who love FPDS.
Tuesday night's Jeopardy episode featured a hot and steamy category entitled "Sexiest Potpourri Ever," a grab bag category of miscellaneous answers.
Levittown housewife Natalie Malik said that she purchased the potpourri bag from Riverhead HomeGoods store on Saturday and dumped the scented plants in a bowl on her dining room table.
The product line includes potpourri cubes, shoe fresheners and sachets.
remnant material * applique * matching thread * sewing needle * potpourri
She showcased everything in a chic and intimate setting down to the delicious scent of Agraria, an orange blossom potpourri, that would hit you at the store's main entry doors.
Without this background Rhoades's eclectic potpourri of vaguely mystical themes--meditation, worship at the altar of human origin, and magical energy transference--might have veiled the aggression behind many of the names for female genitals.
From room deodorizers and potpourri to non-organic breakfasts and sheets that reek of bleach, the typical overnight stay can seem so toxic you'd almost rather stay home.
Yesterday Bridgend Magistrates' Court heard that Parrish found the keys to the car, which belonged to his step father, hidden in some potpourri while he was on holiday.
ANYONE who wants to add colour and scent from the garden to their indoor potpourri should be harvesting their lavender now.