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But back to memories of poultices (we talk about the strangest things).
These poultices will be heated up and used for massage," he says.
This is a hot poultice full body massage combined with a Ytsara siam sa facial for dehydrated and combination skin with use of unique thermal suite, costing EUR225.
When I was very small I fell on some scissors and, after district nurses couldn't heal it, my mother put a black treacle poultice on and it was clean and healing soon after.
Under the agreement terms, the three parties will jointly develop analgesic poultices for both ethical (prescription) and over-the-counter use by following Mikasa Seiyaku's proprietary products, Zepolas (ethical drug) and Zenol (over-the-counter drug).
Fresh chickweed poultices can be used to draw out infection and reduce inflammation and swelling.
Give a pound of Epsom salts and apply poultices of bran and hops which should be kept hot by pouring on hot water occasionally.
Combined with a spiritual ceremony, these ground-up poultices are believed to take away stomachaches, arthritis, anxiety disorders, diabetes and even cancer, Taykwa Tagamou First Nation member Howard Archibald says.
What is certain, however is that the Romans were the first to commercially grow it as a crop and were probably the first to grow lavender on the Cotswolds to provide supplies for their soldiers Roman soldiers used it for its antiseptic qualities on war wounds, an application also used during the first world war with moss poultices when bandages ran short.
Frieda is good, too, at providing curious details to spice the dry historical facts, such as the measures Catherine took in order to become pregnant: prayers, medicine, magical potions which included draughts of mule's urine and stinking poultices and, finally, spying on the sexual antics of Henry and his mistress in order to find out what she might be doing wrong.
Just 10 days of a strict vegetarian diet and placing garlic poultices on my wound, and I was healed.