power of choice

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And it is only by making use of this power of choice that we can really enjoy what is best.
The five-year deal is the first major agreement signed in response to the Power of Choice regulatory changes in Australia.
As per Raman Mittal, executive director, ITL, "At Sonalika, we relentlessly look at options to provide the best schemes to our customers and give them the power of choice.
3) did an excellent job highlighting "The Awesome Power of Choice," and in doing so, reminded me of an article I contributed to the magazine in 2006.
Empowering their customers with the power of choice, FRiENDi conceptualised and based its entire presence at the festival around customer engageA[degrees]ment.
Ironically, Islamic banking is often promoted by governments as a way of granting the power of choice to the consumer.
Arizona‐based and privately held, American Solar is committed to providing its customers with the power of choice.
EcoBoost engines are a key part of our plan to give customers the power of choice - from EcoBoost-powered vehicles and hybrids to plug-in hybrids and full electrics.
Leverage the power of choice with over 200 companies.
Activities designed to develop self-esteem strengthen awareness of personal attributes and the power of choice.
Shortly before Friedman's death last November, Chitester finished another project with him: The Power of Choice, a 90-minute biographical documentary on his friend's life and thought.
Dynatek's Plug-In Partner Network gives our customers the power of choice, and the time and cost savings provide an exponential impact on the entire industry.