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For better or worse, this line of reasoning leads to the inescapable conclusion that the kind of power structure that prevails in most of the world today is incapable of meeting the most basic survival needs of the species.
Thus, with Bob Holder as chairman of the Atlanta Organization Committee Advisory Council, Billy Payne had an important connection to the black power structure.
Singleton's film presents us with a man who is both frustrated with and emasculated by the white power structure, so he circumvents it by operating outside the law--although ostensibly for the purpose of upholding the law.
A power structure that is never challenged ultimately leads to sterility.
power structure, they should be intelligent enough to realize that dehumanizing gays, women and Jews isn't going to set black people free.
The family became the basic unit of the Phala economy around 1981 with the rise of a new Chinese power structure, and the nomads report that their standard of living has improved since then.
Mikhail Gorbachev is a lifelong Communist who clawed his way to the top of the murderous power structure of the Soviet Union, presided over the continued Soviet genocide of Afghanistan, and supported worldwide Communist repression, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation to terrorist states," says G.
With studies of Calderon's Casa con dos puertas mala es de guardar and Tirso's La celosa de simisma, among others, Blue argues that metaphor for the power structure defines arranged marriages, with the myth of mutual love depending on the recognition of the Other's merit.
Festivals were thus much more than events that reaffirmed the power structure even by temporarily inverting it, as anthropologists sometimes claim.
Instead of being angry at men for discriminating against women, she rebukes women for attempting to compete in the male power structure on male terms.
He is author of, among other books, a trilogy examining church organization and politics on the local, national, and international levels: Archbishop: Inside the Power Structure of the American Catholic Church; A Flock of Shepherds: The National Conference of Catholic Bishops; and Inside the Vatican: The Politics and Organization of the Catholic Church.
The political power structure of Los Angeles that does such a good job of looking after itself and not the city is ready to derail Gov.