powerfully expressive

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High features, naturally strong and powerfully expressive, had been burnt almost into Negro blackness by constant exposure to the tropical sun, and might, in their ordinary state, be said to slumber after the storm of passion had passed away; but the projection of the veins of the forehead, the readiness with which the upper lip and its thick black moustaches quivered upon the slightest emotion, plainly intimated that the tempest might be again and easily awakened.
She is beautiful (an attribute which continues to carry weight in this competition), she is brave and, of course, a powerfully expressive singer.
Morris's great achievement to have further intensified the composer's eloquence by expressing his lyric energy in powerfully expressive bodily movement, and, moreover, to have done so with such naturalness that the music sounds as though the composer had intended it to be danced from the beginning," observed The Wall Street Journal.
This range of footwear includes lace-ups, boots, and sneakers, showing a powerfully expressive force in proposals for both men and for women.
More than 400 years since El Greco executed 'Saint Dominic in Prayer' in 15th century Toledo, bidders from new markets battled tenaciously for this powerfully expressive work which was appearing at auction for the first time.
One of the fair's principal organisers, Galerie Canesso, offers a selection of paintings from the Italian school, including a powerfully expressive and painterly portrait of Saint Jerome (1605-10) by Guido Reni (1575-1642; Fig.
Small, compact, athletic, with a throaty, clear, and powerfully expressive voice, she adds a surprising emotional range to Ariel, suggesting the energy of youth and the wisdom of age.
Realistic proportions are the same as we see in nature, but artists may choose to exaggerate, distort or deviate from normal proportions, and the effect may be powerfully expressive or decorative.
Well known for his staunch views on the state of the world, Dick often puts his powerfully expressive voice to songs of solidarity with those who have struggled against oppression.
In six, quick and effective chapters and a brief conclusion, Leu's Brazilian Popular Music: Caetano Veloso and the Regeneration of Tradition tackles a set of problematized topics including cultural and political change in the Brazilian 1960s, gender and musical style as configured in that era's influential Tropicalia movement, the meanings inherent in Veloso's powerfully expressive vocal techniques, and the cultural values deeply located in various aspects of songwriting traditions.
He refined the recitative style, added elaborate ensemble and chorus singing in the popular madrigal style and expanded the instrumental forces, turning opera into a powerfully expressive form.