powerless group

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Based on a Roald Dahl children's novel, this (originally British) stage musical was hailed by NYTimes theater critic Ben Brantley as 'an exhilarating tale of empowerment, as told from the perspective of the most powerless group of all little children.
It is essentially a study of this seemingly powerless group and its efforts to adapt and survive in the potentially hostile environment along Maine's rugged coast" (2) will probably raise their eyebrows at the end.
This is one example of someone belonging to a powerless group who had the objective of fighting to achieve their dreams and aspirations.
107) and then goes on to claim that when members of the powerless group attempt to confront the more powerful group with their own view of how things are, "they encounter a dismissal that takes the form of bemused puzzlement" (p.
With Soldier, Jordan returns to the realm of children, whom she classifies as the most universally powerless group of people on earth, and beginning with herself, gives them voice.
Her narrative of the woman suffrage movement effectively communicates the challenge of a politically powerless group seeking to empower itself As such, her book nicely contributes to the literature on suffrage and also speaks to a wider audience interested in the story of a battle for human rights and dignity.
Traditionally, the demands of care giving have been used as a rationale for seeing parents of children with disabilities as a fairly powerless group who often found themselves at the mercy of professional service providers and public administrators.
We denounce the callous and violent method employed by security agents to disperse a very small and powerless group of farmers whose mere agenda for trooping to Congress is to express their long-awaited clamor for the passage of the bill seeking for the completion of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), he added.
Powerless groups vainly seeking unattainable solidarity end up being seen to be ridiculous.
The research has shown that powerless groups have difficulty taking control of their destiny due to internalized beliefs regarding their own inferiority.
They are the organisations which have helped families with babies sickened by toxic milk formula, or who have raised the profile of powerless groups, such as migrant workers and peasants.
Barriers to ABCD may be lack of process, lack of time, resistant agencies/professionals, or negative attitudes and fear on the part of marginalized and powerless groups.