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They have been told not to expect basic entitlements like Social Security, and they watch powerlessly as their elders lose pensions and retirement accounts.
It was an institutional failing, one of the fundamental flaws that saw Boro slide powerlessly out of the Premier League and sickeningly towards the Championship drop zone in three years of paralysis.
Indeed for many years peoples in this region have powerlessly undergone some of the worst adverse effects of the anti-social austerity measures so loudly promoted, and often imposed, by international financial institutions (IMF and World Bank) as the panacea for ailing economies; they were even being prescribed in times of boom.
Brewster had undergone the Byzantine process of acquiring a patent for his invention (the kaleidoscope) only to look on powerlessly as others seized it and turned it into a household toy.
But in junior high and my first years of high school, suffering--as I now watch, powerlessly, many of my students suffer--a home life wrecked by a brutal divorce and my parents' cruelty to one another, I was an academic disaster.
The result also silenced the Ahli faithful, who packed the playing venue and watched powerlessly as their team squandered another golden opportunity to win the league.
They long ago watched powerlessly as great new squatter camps erupted on the edge of the old townships, outpacing sincere but inadequate attempts to re-house the poor.
Except in circumstances of paralysis (as with the child in the balloon), extremity (as with Logan clinging to the rope), impotence (as with Clarissa powerlessly witnessing the fall), or compulsion (as with Parry in his madness), the will is free to choose, but it cannot choose the situation in which it makes choices or the factors influencing its own exercise of choice.
Successful national movements must equally move on by a competent unified leadership to which the failing rulers would have to stand powerlessly before a just and fair trial for their wrongful policies and unlawful deeds.
Learned judges should not be forced to powerlessly sentence a chronic pain sufferer like Richard Paey to prison for 25 years for a personal supply of pain pills--pills weaker than the drugs the state gave him in prison.
Indeed, social actors who are powerfully positioned in one context may well be relatively powerlessly positioned in another (Foucault, 1980; Weedon, 1997).