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Students who spent the entire day in general education classes reported significantly lower levels of powerlessness than their peers who were pulled out of the classroom part of the day.
He identified five dimensions: self-estrangement, powerlessness, social isolation, meaninglessness, and normlessness.
Through them, in particular, Hendricks illuminates how collective oppression and personal tragedy induce powerlessness that thwarts the ability to form healthy, intimate relationships.
Excessive anger may be a tell-tale sign of an underlying sense of hurt or powerlessness.
And many of us feel a general dissatisfaction and lack of connection with the world around us, or a feeling of powerlessness against the tide of uncontrolled development.
These three major themes emerged about their powerless experiences: powerlessness and frustration result from the structural barriers, powerlessness and frustration result from the behavioral barriers, and powerlessness and frustrations require accommodation and rationalization.
For quite a few, recovery has nothing to do with powerlessness or believing in a "higher power.
The paradox inherent in this statement is the contradiction of asking group members to admit powerlessness in a group whose purpose is empowerment.
With the assumption of blamelessness may also come the philosophy of powerlessness, which has been very much a part of traditional substance abuse treatment approaches.
Her book stresses the interlocking influences of race, class, and gender as she focuses on the movement on the part of Naylor's characters from a state of powerlessness and despair to transcendence of imposed limitation.
This portrait points to the insidiousness of city as a location of power and powerlessness, excess and oppression.
I finally admitted to my powerlessness over alcohol and that my life is unmanageable.