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Rio's a real practical joker so Wayne knows anything could happen although Coleen's begged him not to get into any trouble.
He was full of fun and a real practical joker who always had the last laugh.
It was, said everyone, a moment that practical joker Sir Jack would have loved.
He was a renowned practical joker with family and friends.
But I will always be a practical joker and someone who loves a laugh.
FIGHT boss Alex Morrison reckons he's discovered the next big star of Scottish boxing - provided he can tame tearaway Jonathan Slowey Bantamweight Slowey comes from Glasgow's East End and is a bit of a practical joker.
The rest of the players are very nice, most of them are very calm and quiet - I haven't spotted the practical joker yet.
Rebecca, known to her friends and family as Bex, has been the mischievous practical joker in the show.
A practical joker since he was a boy, he loved to play tricks on people.
But he can think again about a few quiet nights in - as party-loving practical joker Rio Ferdinand, 29, is in charge of organising the trip.
A notorious practical joker, it was at Wembley that Harris donned a policeman's helmet - much to the delight of the watching Evertonians - after Eddie Cavanagh's dash across the turf had seen a trailing bobby lose his headwear.
A DRUNKEN practical joker who bottled a disabled man has been ordered to pay pounds 1,500 compensation to his victim.

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