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Expert consulting land / forestry, rural development and fisheries sector to the administrative practicalities.
He said the decision to examine the practicalities of bringing forward payments was a step forward.
This new Parisian footbridge is a sleek, graceful solution to the practicalities of connecting various quayside levels.
Essays include: Stephen Rigby, "Approaches to Pre-Industrial Social Structure"; Antony Black, "European and Middle Eastern Views of Hierarchy and Order in the Middle Ages: A Comparison"; Spencer Pearce, "Dante: Order, Justice, and the Society of Orders"; Peter Ainsworth, "Froissardian Perspectives on Late-Fourteenth-Century Society"; Paul Binski, "Hierarchies and Orders in English Royal Images of Power"; Maurice Keen, "Heraldry and Hierarchy: Esquires and Gentlemen"; Michael Bush, "The Risings of the Commons in England, 1381-1549"; David Rheubottom, "Tidy Structures and Messy Practice: Ideologies of Order and the Practicalities of Office-Holding in Ragusa"; Brian Pullan, "'Three Orders of Inhabitants': Social Hierarchies in the Republic of Venice.
If the scripts brooked no spatiotemporal restraints, the real-life practicalities of space, time, and budget necessitated, and may even have fostered, a simple and rather ingenious stagecraft, based on the use of large white foamcore boards.
Virago Woman's Travel Guides offer maps and tourist information plus intelligent discussions of practicalities (when to go, regulations, the cost of living), accommodations, restaurants, shopping and entertainment, but they add to the usual travel and cultural information a valuable perspective for women.
Providing you with a single source of information on the newly issued regulation, this book includes its practicalities and a review of the potential impact on the industry.
All in all, though, the book is more about the practice and some practicalities than the art of landscape detail.
We are excited about the opportunities for our restaurants in Kansas as our value proposition - a great dining experience at reasonable prices - matches perfectly with the practicalities of our Kansas City customers," said Steve Wagenheim, Granite City Food & Brewery's President and CEO.