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In the age of electronics work moves nimbly across geographic lines, and licensed CPAs in good standing want to be able to practice just as easily.
2002) The Practice Revolution: Getting Great Results from the Six Days Between Music Lessons.
The buyer will then conduct its due diligence to ensure that there are no problems or issues with the purchased practice that will result in liability to the purchaser or a decrease in the value of the purchased practice.
These issues are reflected in the desire of physicians to either limit their practice responsibilities or leave medicine entirely despite a relatively young age and clinical competence.
Ever mindful of historical precedents and debates in allied professions such as medicine (where the practice guideline movement began), the editors have successfully articulated a cogent and persuasive argument.
Leaning heavily on the "Implant Image" dilutes the dental practice's ability to continue to do the "bread and butter dentistry" that is the foundation for most practices.
These include a project approach with the notion of a start- and stop- date; a sustained practice approach, involving continuing, consistent behavior; and a best practice approach, taking the highest ethical ground and striving for business benefit.
The Code of Practice is not mandatory, but the Information Commissioner can compel organizations to implement it if, having investigated complaints from members of the public, he is satisfied that the organization needs to improve its records management in order to fulfill its obligations under the FOI Act.
Having more than 50% board-certified physicians in a practice was significantly associated with increased odds of offering confidential contraceptive services (3.
An earlier collection of essays entitled Practicing Our Faith (Jossey-Bass, 1997), edited by Bass and to which Dykstra contributed, has proven to be a fruitful resource for exploring particular practices of the Christian faith.
Invio Storage Practice Manager: Integrates and transforms networked storage management practices into an automated process.
To derive the most out of the allotted time for offensive practice, I would recommend the following key points: