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Clement and Tribe's assertion that LDTs are the practice of medicine is opposed by the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB), whose membership largely consists of non-physician clinical laboratory directors, most of whom hold doctorate degrees.
For most physicians, the ability to create meaningful relationships with their patients and truly impact health outcomes is why they entered the practice of medicine in the first place, and is critical to experiencing joy in their work.
Not only is the doctor/patient relationship potentially therapeutic, it is the ultimate source of joy that attends the practice of medicine.
We hope that together we can find ways to prevent abuse and diversion without infringing on the legitimate practice oF medicine or exerting a chilling eFFect on the willingness of physicians to treat patients who are in pain.
But when this new medicine was combined with the economic reality of the late Twentieth Century--of insurance, HMOs, regulations, the need to help too many patients in too short a time (and most critically, lawsuits)--the practice of medicine as an art was lost.
It is divided into nine sections, each listing quotations in different areas: personal qualities, the art and practice of medicine, the medical profession, diagnosis, disease, specific illnesses, lifestyle, drugs, medical education, men, women, aging and history, science and truth, faith, religion, melancholy, and death.
Its success is a tribute to the private practice of medicine.
Today, the practice of medicine has given way to health maintenance organizations, where doctors may see hundreds of patients and may never get to know them on a first-name basis.
The majority of those who plan to retire earlier cited an increase in government interference in the practice of medicine, Medicare hassles, and fear of unwarranted investigation or prosecution.
She writes, "This would be a great story if I had been able to return to the practice of medicine .
That has nothing to do with FDA restricting the practice of medicine.

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