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We conducted a series of Spearman's rho correlation analyses on Social Work Career Motivation and Decision to Enter Clinical Practice Scales with the participants' ages and years of practice experience.
the mean level of the Promote and the Practice Scales for respondents in each agency), and also to test Level II predictors (checklist indicators of organizational cultural competence) of between-agency variance in the Promote and Practice Scales.
The ratings for the attitude, belief, and practice scales would be satisfactory and would also mean that the items within these scales could be believed to consistently measure these three concept s.
British judo gold medal prospect Debbie Allan was disqualified for failing to make her fighting weight because the official practice scales had been tampered with.
DEBBIE ALLAN was thrown out of the Olympic judo tournament yesterday - because someone had tampered with the practice scales.
One important component to the argument that our practice scales are reflective of culture is that they are stable over time.

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