practicing lawyer

See: jurist
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Under the qualifications for office, the attorney general is not required to be a practicing lawyer or judge.
For a time, Lee was Alabama's oldest practicing lawyer.
Al Mehairi believes that her past experience as a practicing lawyer will be important to her development as a career judge.
Kesner is a practicing lawyer and a partner of Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP, New York, and has for more than the past five years been a practicing lawyer.
A former Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Police and currently a practicing lawyer in Rawalpindi says lawyers are terrified to take up such cases because terrorists are powerful, adding: "They threaten to kill police officials, prosecutors and their family members.
The new judge graduated in Islamic law from UAE University and has been a practicing lawyer for eight years, the news agency said.
I was a practicing lawyer when summoned in 1951 to become a founding member of the National Ballet of Canada.
A practicing lawyer who cut his teeth defending draft resisters during the Vietnam War, Silverglate is personally familiar with the way the government routinely stacks the deck against defendants.
Successful practicing lawyer Gregory Day presents his debut novel Long Journey Into Manhood, a coming-of-age saga.
As a practicing lawyer, I would go even further: It's amazing that, in the vague and standardless world of malpractice claims, juries seem to get things right.
The jury comprised a journalist, a peace activist, the Assistant Cultural Attache of the US Embassy, a legal corporate executive, an academic lawyer, a practicing lawyer, one LLM student and three LLB students.