practicing lawyer

See: jurist
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I still believe that being a responsible Dabawenyo, whether in public office or as a practicing lawyer, is my contribution to nation building.
In a video went viral, Advocate Islam, the senior practicing lawyer at the Sindh High Court, can be seen arguing with the police personnel who stopped him while he was driving his sports car, for snap checking near SeaView a few days ago.
He argues that he is qualified to vie for the seat since he has 15 years' experience as a practicing lawyer.
A proud Islander, her understanding and deep appreciation of Canadas judicial system has been honed over a 20-year career as a practicing lawyer in PEI and, more recently, as a judge on the provinces Supreme Court.
Mechanic, who is the only practicing lawyer in the organization, noted that law firms account for approximately 10 percent of the tenancy in the real estate market.
For law students who might read this brief Reflection, here are some of my thoughts on the subject of leadership as a practicing lawyer and how I personally orient to them.
Faver received a juris doctor degree from Baylor University in 1948 and became a practicing lawyer and state judge until his retirement in 1985.
Under the qualifications for office, the attorney general is not required to be a practicing lawyer or judge.
For a time, Lee was Alabama's oldest practicing lawyer.
Al Mehairi believes that her past experience as a practicing lawyer will be important to her development as a career judge.
Let it be known that the Bar has underwritten the integrity of every practicing lawyer in Florida.
I come from a family of lawyers; my dad is a retired RTC judge and my mom is a practicing lawyer.