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Pragmatism pros A quick solution: For Liverpool, there seems to be no better time for moving back into the top four - or even challenging for the title.
Charles Sanders Piers is the founder of pragmatism movement in America.
The decision of Tahir ul Qadri is driven by political pragmatism as well as his shrewd analysis of the existing situation.
An interesting contrast between social theorists and post-analytic philosophers can be seen in the way pragmatism is emphasized.
Kitcher's pragmatism is hardest to detect in these early essays, but it is still there.
This essay also explains how what we think of as a priori arts--logic, mathematics, ethics, ontology, and so forth--appear differently from the humanizing perspective of pragmatism.
The Brotherhood's pragmatism is not less conspicuous in Egypt's relations with the US, which was a key ally of the toppled regime of Hosni Mubarak.
My intention here is to determine how, in Kirk's opinion, classical British conservatism and classical American pragmatism contradict each other and to assess the validity of Kirk's view.
Upholding that false alternative is one reason for the perpetual attractiveness of pragmatism to the statist.
For oppressive regimes, pragmatism was a means to join lofty national and humanitarian principles with horrific means of oppression, whether through inducements, or the bloodiest possible intimidation.
Schultenover's edited volume, The Reception of Pragmatism in France and the Rise of Roman Catholic Modernism, 1890-1914, illustrates with clarity and specificity the influence of William James's pragmatism on Catholic thought in France.
Pride not pragmatism will be the watchword when football powerhouses Brazil and Portugal meet in a mouthwatering World Cup clash to decide the winners of Group G.