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24) On the other hand, beginning a section in his Perspectives on Pragmatism titled "Social Pragmatism about Knowledge," Brandom asserts, "If this is right, then we are not, as Rorty claims, precluded from talking about facts making our claimings true.
28 So, though Adorno and Horkheimer may fall outside the scope of the goal of his book, perhaps a discussion of their relation to discursive pragmatism might fill in the reference to Homer.
Swindal's book is worth the time to read, and could be used to supplement a number of different courses in interesting ways, such as courses on agent causation, the history of pragmatism, post-analytic methodology, or the history of action theory, among others.
Thought axis of pragmatism is human thought content practice and usage fact value depend on its practical usage.
This study aims to specify view point in Idealism and pragmatism in this problem.
In contrast to contemporary economic thinking, Rescher argues that pragmatism should aim at the satisfaction of human needs, not just subjective wants and preferences.
Pragmatism is also useful for avoiding philosophical dead ends such as dogmatism and skepticism.
Pragmatism is flexible and open-minded enough to welcome Hacking's contributions, especially his well-known, historically informed philosophical explorations of actual scientific practices, even if he doesn't want to be included in the camp.
For Misak, it is Peircean pragmatism, not deflationism, that successfully replaces 'metaphysical' theories of truth with healthy naturalism.