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The results suggested that both the three and five-year-olds were more likely to act dishonestly than the ones praised for how well they did or those who got no praise at all.
One third of the students were praised for their ability ("You must be talented In music"), a third were praised for their effort ("You must have focused hard on the strategies before you played them"), and the remaining control group received no feedback other than being told they had a very good score of 82.
After the candles were lit and the blessings said, every member of the family praised each of the other members for something positive that he or she had done during the course of that week, an enviable tradition.
Children adore being praised and recognised for their achievements and it is a powerful tool to help encourage positive behaviour.
Walking dead, I am Nobody's hunter, But I will be food, And hope to be praised By bacteria, And honored by flies, Beetles, wasps, and mites.
CHILDREN at a Jarrow primary school have been praised by government inspectors for their good behaviour.
I have held many workshops in corporate offices and have seen that people who gossip and are negative towards others had unsupportive parents, who never praised them for their deeds," says Broota.
A SCHOOLBOY, a football team and a pianist will all benefit by being praised for good performance.
Luke 18:43 reports that the blind man near Jericho and all who witnessed his healing were focused on the actions of God: "Immediately he regained his sight and followed him [Jesus]; glorifying God; and all the people, when they saw it, praised God.
They also praised pupils, saying that they were sensible, keen to learn and enthusiastic about school.
Not infrequently, they themselves received little praise as children, and thus do not realise how nurturing and heart-warming the experience of being praised can be.