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Put another way, if the imbongi did not belong to the class of special praisers, he would be killed for challenging Shaka.
Friends may be divided into the helper, who can make the life of the medical director very pleasant; the educator, who sincerely wishes to dialogue and teach all with whom he comes in contact; and the praiser, who believes the medical director has a purpose in the medical ecosystem.
Whoever, therefore, relishes the cultural harvest of the ages in any of its many facets and does not wish to be without it, and most surely the praiser and advocate of progress, should see in mortality a blessing and not a curse.
a Nursingr and medical staff arer so often being criticised and I feel theye don't' get enough praiser for the greatr work theye do.
Wood describes Updike as "the praiser of God's wondrous world" whose writing suggests that the "evidence" of God is "everywhere present" in the world (Comedy 194).
By this we may gather a very good rule to discover passions, for if that you see one much to please himself with others' praises, and (as it were) to feed upon the wind of men's words, doubt not but self-love and vanity posses the best tenement of his heart: And this you may know, if the person praised, either openly confess it, underhand insinuate it, or as it were with a smiling countenance silently approve it, for as gold is tried by fire, so a man by the mouth of a praiser.
If an ap praiser is to begin larger or more specialized assignments, training should provide the resources the appraiser will need to do the assignments.
kad u stuvata a gramah `When and to what call of the praiser shalt thou come?
kad u stuvata d gamah 'When and to what call of the praiser shalt thou come?