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6) Essentially, the Spirit is in the praiser, and the praising behavior is testimony to the presence of the Spirit.
Since three telecom carriers already had fiber cables wired into the building, Taconic founders Charles Bendit and Paul Praiser decided to market the remaining space to other telecom and Web-hosting companies that needed to connect equipment to the fiber networks.
Apparently the ap praiser was considered "judgment-proof.
Aristophanes's metamorphically vivifying imagination is at its most intense here; the central agon (debate) pits Better Argument, praiser of the old ways and days and virtues, against Worse Argument, a glib & constructor of traditional mores.
Friends may be divided into the helper, who can make the life of the medical director very pleasant; the educator, who sincerely wishes to dialogue and teach all with whom he comes in contact; and the praiser, who believes the medical director has a purpose in the medical ecosystem.