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He said enormous contributions made by AMC in management of temporarily displaced persons were praiseworthy, according to a press release issued here.
He said that members of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly are praiseworthy.
The former Rajya Sabha MP also added that Anna Hazare's praise for Narendra Modi was justified if the anti-corrution crusader likes the Prime Minister but otherwise till now the PM has done nothing praiseworthy.
It is indeed praiseworthy that five of the 8 who appeared for the exam bagged an A grade in English, Science, Math, Social Science, French, Malayalam and Hindi.
Kidwai s contribution in the formation of Mewat Development Board, Haryana is praiseworthy.
Published -- Monday 26 August 2013This is a praiseworthy decision.
It's packed with local cuisines not to be found in most other Cajun or Creole cookbooks, from a local Desiree's Chicken and Andoulle Gumbo to Estelle's Praiseworthy Creole Pork Roast and Immaculate White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Raspberry Sauce.
He said he hoped the next Patriarch would be as praiseworthy as him.
The trouble is there seems to have been a switch in emphasis in recent years and instead of it being praiseworthy to wear a poppy it's actually become a crime not to.
Judging panel member Laura Calsela said: "Stuart's contribution is praiseworthy and inspiring.
As lorries, in my opinion, are the biggest single factor in road accident deaths, this is a praiseworthy piece of legislation.
Sixty years of devotion to one job, whether from a monarch or a man who works for the council, is a praiseworthy commitment.