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Mick seemed to feel that he was praising at high rates, or, at least enough for some students to tire of the practice, while at the same time, he also recognized the value in praising students.
A recent US study says that instead of praising your child after she gets her result, parents must praise them for their efforts.
Without righteous obedience there is no real praising of God.
When you are praising them you should make sure you sound like you mean it and are giving them your attention.
For example, instead of praising a child for being 'good', it would be more effective to say: 'I like the way you helped your little brother to get dressed--that was very kind of you.
Readers who take the journey through this wonderful book will undoubtedly experience a new perspective on the power of praising God through it all
Smith resists going to the dining room, but is always compliant with the process of raising her arms, putting on her sweater, and standing up, staff can go through this process, praising Mrs.
REGARDING Mrs Nansi Raw's letter of February 17 praising the wonderful care, treatment and cleanliness of Abergele Hospital,and having been a patient there myself twice in 16 months for major knee joint surgery,I heartily endorse her praise.
The congressman's office issued a related May 9th release also praising President Bush for maintaining an anti-ICC stance: "[President Bush] deserves our praise and our support for bravely standing against the ICC and against UN bureaucrats who have so little regard for our laws.
111) Marriage orators were, accordingly, particularly concerned with praising the beauty of both bride and groom.
I'm not surprised that the Naha City Mayor wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Army praising the Naha Military Port and our Commander, Lieutenant Colonel DiMarco," said Clark.