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She amplified the ranch life of her girlhood, prattling on about horses and dogs and persons and things until it was as if he saw the whole process of her growth and her becoming.
Just so, pusillanimous; prattling out little moralities that have been prattled into them, and afraid to live life.
His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonnily, His clean hearth-stane, his thriftie wifie's smile, The lisping infant prattling on his knee, Does a' his weary carking care beguile, An' makes him quite forget his labour and his toil.
You yourself are sillier far, Prattling, bimetallic star
As a bailiff, when well authorized by his writ, having possessed himself of the person of some unhappy debtor, views all his tears without concern; in vain the wretched captive attempts to raise compassion; in vain the tender wife bereft of her companion, the little prattling boy, or frighted girl, are mentioned as inducements to reluctance.
The mated pairs were prattling away quite happily, and Dobbin knew he was as clean forgotten as if he had never existed in this world.
Side by side on the narrow shawl knelt the two wanderers, the little prattling child and the reckless, hardened adventurer.
But, Lucy " said Maggie, trying to arrest the prattling stream.
An infant, a prattling child, dying in its cradle, will live again in the better thoughts of those who loved it, and will play its part, through them, in the redeeming actions of the world, though its body be burnt to ashes or drowned in the deepest sea.
When you have teachers and senior staff prattling about being Catholic and then supporting the killing of unborn children and promoting politicians and parties pushing euthanasia, homosexuality, and same-sex marriage, I wonder about the depth of their belief.
He has merely been prattling on about big horses, little horses, Scottish masseurs from Swindon, dodgy refs, dodgy Financial Fair Play, 19th-century football tactics and Black & Decker workmates.
Surely not to be interrogated by the prattling panel of three who reminded us that so-called "sexperts" are the dreariest people imaginable.