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MRS J Gascoigne (Letters, September 28) continues the seemingly endless prattling about class and snobbery.
With the economy going to the dogs haven't they all got better things to do than spend the week prattling on about nothing?
If you don't have a hangover when you tune in you are guaranteed to have one after listening to him prattling on endlessly about his first love.
Anyway, if the whole intention of sending people to jail is to punish them, wouldn't it be a better idea to force them to listen to presenter Jonathan Ross, fresh from his suspension, prattling away 24/7?
Instead of listening to them prattling on, let's see more of the action on the grass.
But once you get used to the British announcers' cool intelligence on Fox Soccer Channel, you can't stand the Americans who have nothing to say and never stop saying it, always prattling on about the obvious (``Zidane passes it up the left side as France tries to take the lead before halftime
Each dancer rocked in angry lunges, arms prattling off various semaphores or lashing out from a spiraling torso.
Waving a red card, prattling on about 'zero tolerance' and trying to erase the world's oldest industry.
Just as metaphor engages the imagination and the senses more fully than does literal reference, the various approaches to sound featured in the show disclosed the nature and experience of the auditory more ably than do most bona fide sound-art shows with their stark rooms and prattling speakers.
On the latter count, there was James Cameron accepting the org's Vanguard Award, then prattling on about tech innovations.
The authors--three journalists, former leftists all--wrote the book after sharing a cab back to the hotel at the end of a conference in Bogota during which they lampooned the speakers as, well, idiots, prattling the same stupid and discredited theories that have been disfiguring Latin America's politics and economies ever since it won independence from Spain at the beginning of the 19th century.
Clinton is prattling on about "arms bazaars" and the need to regulate gun shows.