pray for

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I often conclude my time by calling to mind all those who have asked me to pray for them.
I pray for rosemary in the window, and nasturtium in the backyard.
I am curious to know what type of people decide to go out in the rain to pray for something they will almost certainly not see in their lifetimes.
Please pray for the government of Canada, the global economy, for people who are suffering in the current economic crisis, and the soldiers who defend freedom around the world.
Pray for me, Father, for my tax dollars set a banquet for Death
We are asking people to choose one friend or family member for whom they will pray every day and buy them an egg this Monday as a reminder to pray for them.
Certainly, as a nervous flyer, I never board an aircraft without saying a few quiet words to Him upstairs and I did pray for England in the Rugby World Cup final.
God is in control - we must respond to His call to pray for peace and protection.
Weathers, How To Pray For Your Wife: A 31-Day Guide is an interactive prayer journal, designed to be consumable if the user wishes to write in it, offering daily entries specifically to pray for one's wife, or wife-to-be if one is single.
We pray for Kim Jong Il to repent for his evilness and for the regime to fall, and also pray for the unification of North and South (Korea,)'' the Rev.
30 to pray for a peaceful resolution to the disputed aboriginal land claim in Caledonia.
Charles and companions to pray for a favourable turn of events.