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In general, a computer s booting system is protected by a static password during the pre-boot.
Pre-Boot Authentication is no longer done via username and password, but instead can be done using an RSA SecurID token.
The NTAVO PXE terminal (NTA-6010P) addresses the need to integrate remote accessibility into networked terminals with the Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE).
Pre-boot authorization, boot and data volume encryption and VM image integrity verification
B supports pre-boot authentication in hardware and up to four separate encrypted data ranges with multiple user and administrative authentication credentials.
Security is extended through the use of a Linux based pre-boot authentication (PBA) system prior to starting Windows--increasing the range of hardware supported particularly in regard to new hard disks and further system components.
Earlier this year, Phoenix launched a new set of pre-boot security products, and promised it would be launching further products to fit within what it terms the "T-Zero" time (CI No 3,607).
3 is the First FDE solution with Wired and Wireless Pre-Boot Network Authentication, SecureDoc OSA and Removable Media Container Encryption
Pre-boot authorization and image integrity validation
The company has joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance to enable smart card pre-boot authentication and 'remote kill' capabilities for laptops, thereby assuring data protection and compliance.
WinMagic's SecureDoc with PBConnex, the only full-data encryption solution with wireless pre-boot networking, is the latest example of WinMagic's data protection innovation.
1 specification adds pre-boot, security, speed and touch-enabled enhancements