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Companies House said: "The policy for Scottish or Scotland is they must be pre-eminent in their field and they must give us evidence of that.
Other pre-eminent international and regional speakers at the conference will include Dennis L.
STM--2: Ensure that CPAs in tax practice are viewed as the pre-eminent professional providers of tax services by the public, industry and government.
Then, of course, came another ambition, the idea that his brainchild could play host to golf's pre-eminent event, the Ryder Cup.
Macquarie Bank is a pre-eminent provider of investment banking and financial services.
lt;p>[sz][sz][sz] The Mediterranean dialogue is developing actively and Morocco is playing a pre-eminent role in it, Hoop Scheffer told MAP in a meeting with journalists at the NATO's Brussels-based headquarters.
Caption: Cassin Cassin & Joseph LLP--one of the pre-eminent law firms in the area of commercial real estate finance in the New York metropolitan area and nationwide--hosted a gala celebration at Cipriani in honor of the firm's 20th anniversary.
The pre-eminent Jewish political value is liberty and the pre-eminent American value is liberty, and today Israel and America are confident brothers in the battle against Islamofascism,'' he told me.
IVN was recently selected to partner with Ashoka, the pre-eminent social entrepreneuring organization, in Israel and the region.
Erected in 1923 as part of a real estate development, the audacious beacon of Tinseltown stood for more than 50 years as the entertainment industry's pre-eminent emblem.
Cohen, "The fashion retailer chose The Americana Manhasset for its reputation as the pre-eminent luxury lifestyle center in North America.
TSYS Acquiring Solutions(SM), formerly Vital Processing Services, the pre-eminent supplier of acquiring solutions, related systems and integrated support services to the acquiring industry, today announced an agreement to provide merchant-processing services for Clearent.