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There are announcements happening between now and the end of the year that are quite significant from operators and new hardware partners in the Android space which I won't preannounce," Schmidt hinted.
The Chancellor may well preannounce tax rises for future years in an attempt to diminish their political impact.
They beat an already-positive preannounce from mid-October with non-GAAP EPS of $1.
Should you cancel your meetings, preannounce, issue an 8-K on the details, or simply say you can't comment on the quarter?
Stuart Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lennar Corporation, said, "While we generally don't preannounce our quarterly results, given yesterday's market volatility and given the fact that our Miami corporate office was closed and management was inaccessible because of Hurricane Rita, we felt it prudent to preannounce our third quarter results.
April 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- - SAP AG announced that it stated today at a press briefing held at its Palo Alto, California offices that it does not currently intend to preannounce its first quarter 2005 results prior to the scheduled first quarter 2005 results release date on April 21, 2005.