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1986): "Installed Base and Compatibility: Innovation, Product Preannouncements, and Predation", American Economic Review, 76:940-955.
The Effect of Voluntary Disclosure and Preemptive Preannouncements on Earnings Response Coefficients (ERC) When Firms Manage Earnings.
Was there any preannouncement of this new law ; If yes, can we have a copy ; From a civilized place like Dubai everyone expects that a better way is to run a campaign by handing out printed leaflets to bicycle users giving them dead lines or timings when they can use bicycles.
An unusual preannouncement of the trial conclusions will
offer represented a 16% premium over the preannouncement trading price
A firm has no incentive to price strategically if it can publicize the existence of its technology in advance; the preannouncement itself is sufficient to overcome the entry barrier created by an installed base for a competing technology.
The Wedbush Morgan August retail sales preview stated that Wal-Mart's preannouncement for lower than expected August same-store sales (flat to 2 percent) has "a direct negative implication for the dollar store sector given the similar core low-income customer and the hurricane impact.
where x1, takes on a value of 1 in the preannouncement period and 0 in the postannouncements period, and [x2.
The problem is whether it will be listened to," he says, "because we have made this point again and again in the preannouncement consultation.
WESTMAN: Our work falls into two areas: preannouncement and postannouncement.
Selerity expands into unexpected, real-time machine-readable events by offering market-moving preannouncement data to sophisticated investment firms
Finally, Volatility is a firm's idiosyncratic volatility calculated as the standard deviation of the residual from regressing daily stock excess returns during the preannouncement interval (-69, -6) on the Fama-French (1993) three factors plus the momentum factor and Past_1wk_Ret is the buy-and-hold return in the previous week.