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Promote an understanding of the need for protected time for new or returning health visitors, preceptor period and activities.
Of the many ideas cultivated during the session, some included strengthening clinical sites and preceptor affiliation and developing pilot programs to launch larger grants.
The mentoring and preceptor programs strengthen the nursing workforce in Montana through different approaches.
Your job as my preceptor is a necessity, if you are not willing to help me I will find someone else who is.
A plan should be made with the preceptor for conducting group family visits ahead of time to avoid chaos and frustration.
Clinical preceptors and faculty are integral to the success of future nurses, and so a shortage of them can leave medical institutions scrambling.
They openly shared their experiences and built my knowledge base by being expert role models and exemplary preceptors.
Innovations in clinical education have begun to emerge in the literature; preceptor and preceptor-like models, clinical partnering, and joint appointments of clinical faculty are the most prevalent.
Responding to concerns of key stakeholders in the preceptor program at this research site, a new workshop was developed that drew on a Practice Development framework.
Sedgwick (2011), using focus groups and interviews, found that rural, interdisciplinary team members were always open to informing students about their roles and responsibilities, upon request; furthermore, if the preceptor was a team player, the student was more likely to be welcomed and supported by the other disciplines.
In an effort to minimize "preceptor burnout" and maintain sustainable preceptor to student ratios, many schools have employed a distributed model of medical education with part or all of clerkship performed at community centres.