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62); it showcased artifice in all its possibilities, balancing Parnassian tangibility, Symbolist preciosity, and Decadent excess.
As a minor literary genre, coming from popular culture and using mainly simple phrases, tales should have been despised by preciosity.
Performances from the group - soprano Sarah Westwood, Alan Davis (recorder), Jean Gubbins (viola da gamba, cello) and Richard Silk (harpsichord, chamber organ) - bring scholarship without aridness, authentic style without preciosity.
The preciosity of the court goes hand in hand with the atrocities of the outside world, and literary creation took on the same schizophrenic precariousness attempting to wall off the violence of the outside world.
Thus Poliziano espoused the ideal of the unity of learning based upon comprehensive knowledge of the classical tradition, but in practice this emerged as philological expertise leaning toward preciosity, an exclusive and elitist form of "Alexandrian" erudition that was made possible by his position as an in-house Medici intellectual.
It is right and proper to hope for such influence; and on legal scholarship that refuses to direct itself toward this goal is in danger of preciosity and self-indulgence.
Lind says that he, like others, mourns what he sees as the contrast between the robustness of American vernacular culture and the preciosity of Atlantic seaboard literati and academics.
In terms of the book, the expertly placed simplicities create a substratum of lustrous preciosity.
They are lyrical yet not saccharine, and Eddison knows how to cut them short before they run the risk of preciosity.
The piece riffs on Duchamp's Paris Air, 1919, a small, sealed glass vial containing Parisian oxygen that mocked the preciosity of the City of Light as capital of world culture.