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There were precious few lyrics here, and aside from the odd lengthy bass or drum solo from his excellent backing performers, this show was all about Beck's playing.
With neither side able to make the breakthrough during 120 minutes of precious few goalscoring chances or notable incidents, it needed the first shoot-out of the 2010 World Cup to separate the two nations.
and Wansbeck Hospitals for those precious few weeks.
There can be precious few who value her ramblings, so we can only assume she keeps her column because she scares the hels l out of the Editor whose job it would be to get rid of her
That leaves Haye with a summer date spare and the O2 Arena, with whom he has a promotional deal, left to fill at a time when the credit crunch is biting and there are precious few ticket- selling heavyweights to mark time against.
There are precious few deals being done, the usually lucrative financial services markets have dried up and the commercial property market has all but stalled.
Precious few do in general elections and invariably governments are voted into power by a minority of the population.
Steve McClaren's side laboured and created precious few chances, with many England fans in the Tel Aviv crowdshouting "what a load of rubbish".
But finally to mark his fifth birthday and for the first time Taylor was able to celebrate his special day and hospital was forgotten for a precious few hours.
With a July 4 holiday, a scheduled four-week recess from August 7 through Labor Day, and a target adjournment date of October 6 so senators seeking re-election can campaign in their home states, the Senate's working days are whittling down, soon to be but a precious few.
Most people with great ideas never do anything with them, but a precious few will have the gumption to make things happen.