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However, of the many comments about the sale, precious few came from the business owners themselves.
We have never seen him catch a fish there; in fact, we've seen precious few fish in the creek.
Companies like Amoco are therefore among the precious few who insist that it is not only possible, but practical and economical for women to breastfeed at work.
An immense and onerous task for the many thousands of eateries and pubs that must conform to the new laws, and who precious few have up-to-date digital floor plans, the reasoning behind the new licensing laws are quite sensible.
Tim Cahill made a difference when he came on, but if David was looking to mount even more of a threat as we chased the game late on, he had precious few alternatives.
The professor is not the first exile to return with criticisms to make of the area he left, but precious few give a public lecture as he will tonight.
But precious few will have worked as hard to get where they are.
SPORT THAT SHOULDN'T BE AT THE GAMES: Table tennis has precious few rallies to keep the spectator interested.
Recorded on December 8 last year, it's a representation of his current live gigs, with highlights including What You Do With What You've Got, No Gods And Precious Few Heroes, the great Geronimo's Cadillac, and a boisterous Bunnafolly Jig.
said: "There are precious few examples of cartoons being used to promote healthy products.
Precious few and none in the South and West, I suggest.
PRECIOUS few high street chippies have won five stars since this column launched in October 2005, but Dovehouse scored again 12 months on - just in time for National Chip Week (Feb 12 -18).