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But there has been preciously little to smile about for either manager this season as they surprisingly lurch around the relegation zone.
IT has been nine years since Seal last performed in the UK, so it's no surprise that every moment of his concert at Birmingham's NIA is savoured preciously by an adoring crowd.
We know that no fewer than eight Cabinet ministers D as well as the Prime Minister himself D have constituencies preciously close to our chief rivals Newcastle-Gateshead.
Ludicrously and preciously contemporary, these works nonetheless offered the consolation of a traditional debate between painting-as-object and painting-as-illusion.
But Fergie knows exactly what's needed to snatch back from Arsenal the trophy he's preciously held four times before.
Thus, you have countless shots of a cute little dog preciously reacting to the action.
Uponor ETI had preciously announced its intention to sell the facility in conjunction with capacity additions at its Conroe, Texas and other facilities.
My wife's combination of preciously cooked halibut with Jersey royals and a brown shrimp and caviar cream sauce was also greatly appreciated.
Additional facilities at the Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement include a Technology Accelerator to increase surgical technology innovation; a full Multi-Media Production Center, enabling surgeons around the world to be trained in their own countries while sharing in the advanced expertise and techniques available at Florida Hospital to improve healthcare outcomes worldwide; a Willed Body Program to ensure surgeons have access to preciously needed anatomical tissue; and a Surgical Simulation Laboratory, featuring multiple stations using computer simulation and sophisticated models that mimic human response to surgical procedures.
Now a preciously articulate ten year old (who, when McEvoy accidentally let rip an expletive right in her face, simply produced a swear box), Henley had a very clear idea of what she was expecting from any adaptation.
However, the side's grit, guts and determination reaped welcome rewards at the expense of the bedraggled Bees who could have few complaints at the outcome despite coming preciously close to a late equaliser.