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Good was preciously working as SVP, IBW on an interim basis.
I never wanted to waste the preciously earned engineering degree by sitting idle at home.
A limping Tom Makinson also stopped Hall in full flight before giving way to his leg injury and second rower Carl Ablett went preciously close before, at the other end Leeds' full-back Hardaker hauled down Saints prop Kyle Amor when in sight of the line.
And Ensemble Inegal are so preciously musical that the listener never gets bored, even though the entire album is actually made up of music for the same instrumental setup (with the exception of the 13th track, in which two violins are replaced by three violas).
The subtractive process of ink removal to 'call up the ghosts', as it were, is preciously random.
A]ll that prepares for human life and follows from it, therefore, ought to be preciously defended.
The dials are preciously set with peacock feathers and on one model the feathers are framed by 120 round-cut diamonds (approx.
It's also a truism that stories of sudden kindness or gratitude are exceedingly, preciously rare.
In his view, BDI should say why it never reacted preciously but used those fictitious votes to help itself and VMRO-DPMNE in many elections.
Down Under they do not get many knocks in their domestic game and treat each one preciously.
Issue number 4 sees the cooperation of my new editorial assistant, Edward Bowen, who has immediately been preciously useful, as all my editorial assistants in the past.
of Minnesota) have selected 33 articles preciously published in law reviews and journals between 1984 and 2010 that elucidate the role of lawyers in assisting with corporate mergers and acquisitions.