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Imtiaz Inayat Elahi said he has recently visited the caves and realizing the preciousness of the site, he approved a plan for the conservation of the caves as well as the adjacent garden known as Saadhu ka Bagh.
The preciousness and apoplectic fits start when they're told their pieces have to be performed simultaneously and will be cut to finish in time for fireworks.
But it was establishing Wild magazine, with chance bushwalking friends Brian Wakers and Michael Collie in 1981, that provided an avenue by which his first-hand experience of the preciousness of nature--and his determination to raise our awareness of it--could be enjoyed by millions of readers.
Concerning possible effects on society, Tanaka said, ''As the vehicle can be fully charged using household electricity in about three hours, users would be able to realize the preciousness of energy and their energy-saving consciousness could also grow.
Backed by continuous research, the brand's creative stamp exalts the preciousness of a jewel.
James said: "The exhibition explores the idea of the preciousness of art, being put into the hands of a detached machine - art robot Optimus Wayne.
Looking at a child from the other end of life is bound to spawn memories and thoughts about the preciousness of family bonds, the quickness of time and the preciousness of life itself.
Capturing the beauty, purity, vulnerability, and preciousness of children, her imagery embodies her deeply held belief that every child must be protected, nurtured, and loved.
Tibetan children also learn about the continuity and preciousness of all life.
There are three main themes: 'Urban', where the historic backdrop is given an ultracontemporary imprint with an open-minded attitude toward past and future; 'Casual', where the keyword is eclecticism and styles reflect a crossover spirit, contrasts join forces, and all power to the imagination becomes exuberant reality and 'Romantic', where now it's all about the preciousness of workmanship and an exquisitely fresh elegance exalted by the delicacy of hues and lightness of materials.
My wish is that both management and the board feel the preciousness of having a job--and that they're not engaging willy-nilly in what often seems to be a wholesale axing of employees.
That last one sticks with me, I have to admit--those alternatives for "gift shop" verge ever so slightly toward preciousness, in my view.