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It should be underlined that although the amount of precipitable water vapour is quite stable during a day, its counterpart, surface water vapour pressure is characterized by a significant diurnal course.
Parameters include course layer mean temperature, total cloud fraction, outgoing longwave radiation, cloud top pressure, total precipitable water values, lower stratosphere temperatures, lower tropospheric temperature, ocean precipitation, MSU adjacent FOV deep layer temperature, scan line deep layer temperature, limb-corrected brightness temperatures, sea surface temperatures, and normalized difference vegetation index.
1994, GPS Meteorology: Mapping zenith wet delays onto precipitable water, Journal of Applied Meteorology, 33, 379-386.
The input parameters are broadband direct irradiance, solar elevation, the amount of precipitable water W, and the Angstrom wavelength exponent [alpha].
The potential of sunphotometer data from the AERONET/AEROCAN network for monitoring of Arctic aerosols is illustrated, using examples of the multiyear variation of aerosol optical properties and atmospheric precipitable water vapour content at some stations, and in particular at Bonanza Creek, Alaska since 1994.
En otras palabras, la correccion troposferica humeda es funcion de la cantidad de agua precipitable (PW).
And you know that each NDGPS reference location also contains precipitable water vapor sensors that have increased the accuracy of the precipitation forecasts from the National Weather Service.
2 GHz water vapor line, and at another frequency well away from the line center, such as 31 GHz, have been used to measure the precipitable water vapor in the atmosphere.
Atmosphere Temperatures and Moisture Soundings -- Sea-surface Temperatures -- Land-surface Temperatures -- Cloud Cover and Heights -- Precipitable Moisture -- Total Ozone -- Clear Radiance -- Incoming and Radiated Heat