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Relapse Precipitant Inventory: Hindi adaptation and factor structure.
Stressors like the restrictive diet, fluid limitations, difficulty in attaining or maintaining full- or part-time employment, limited incomes and restricted social services are frequently the precipitant to a gamut of physical and psychological events.
Cependant, paradoxalement, le neoliberalisme a eu des effets positifs en Amerique latine, en precipitant la rupture avec l'etat autoritaire national-developpementiste et l'oligarchie corporatiste.
The most frequent precipitant cause has been reported to be ACS, especially AMI.
Treatment for vasovagal syncope usually begins with simple things like avoiding a known precipitant (e.
What many schools are worried about is this dramatic change is causing a precipitant decline in modern language teaching and staffing in many of our schools, which could prove very difficult to reverse.
The most commonly reported precipitant to PPS musculoskeletal pain is physical activity.
Along with the church, there is also the community's long history of uprooting and displacement to consider, a past that may shed some light on their precipitant, against-all-odds return in Katrina's wake.
The community is no longer viewed as a context for or precipitant of relapse, but rather as a reservoir of resources, hospitality, and support.
If those three become precipitant factors in Thomas never playing rugby again, they should carry with them the guilt of Wales losing one of its greatest players - the greatest and only truly world-class player Wales has had in the professional era.
3] pollution was associated with increased risk of episodes of rapid ventricular response due to PAF, thereby suggesting that community air pollution may be a precipitant of these events.
My main hat is with the Schizophrenia Association, and I'm always trying to persuade people that alcohol is a precipitant of anger and violence