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Table 1: Frequency of precipitating factors of hepatic encephalopathy
Another study conducted in Hyderabad by Devrajani et al reported 60% patients with hepatitis C when studying precipitating factors of hepatic encephalopathy16, validating our results and showing high burden of virus in our society leading to hepatic encephalopathy.
Strauss 21 in their study found SBP as most common infection in precipitating acute HE and urinary tract infection in chronic HE.
The various precipitating factors which were looked for included infections(including spontaneous bacterial peritonitis as diagnosed on clinical examination and ascitic fluid routine examination in all patients with ascites, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, acute gastroenteritis, constipation, gastrointestinal bleeding (haematemesis and melena), excess of protein intake (daily diet containing more than 1 g/kg body weight of protein as assessed by the consumption of eggs, beef, mutton, chicken, milk and different pulses) and use of drugs like sedatives, diuretics, azotemia, surgery hypokalemia, and large volume parecentesis ( greater than 4 litre at one time).
There were 12 patients in which more than two precipitating factors were present, and it was these patients who presented in grade four hepatic encephalopathy and showed complications later on.
In our study the most common precipitating factor of hepatic encephalopathy was constipation followed by GI bleeding, infections, use of sedatives, surgery, hypokalemia and excess protein diet.
Probable precipitating factors could be determined in 331 (68.
Conclusion Among older people in residential care facilities, acute diseases and side effects of drugs are important precipitating factors for falls.
Few studies have focused on precipitating factors for falls.
The third necessary avenue of research involves the careful investigation of the precipitating and relieving factors reported by the amputees.
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