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Suddenly the panel flew inward, nearly precipitating the man to the floor.
On reflection I had felt the necessity, in Anne Catherick's state of health, of precipitating events, and of having Lady Glyde at my disposal earlier than I had originally contemplated.
Flourishing slightly a big soft hand he went on with his discourse, precipitating his delivery a little more.
with or without ferrous ions to form liquefied CCA-treated wood (b) adding water or an aqueous solution of an organic solvent to the liquefied CCA-treated wood with stirring to obtain an aqueous solution of liquefied CCA-treated wood (c) adding complexing or precipitating agents, such as phosphoric acid or calcium hydroxide to the aqueous solution of step (b) thereby precipitating insoluble heavy metal complexes or precipitates and forming a solution of detoxified CCA-treated wood (d) separating said heavy metal complexes or precipitates from the solution of detoxified liquefied CCA-treated wood and (e) isolating chromated copper arsenate from said heavy metal complex or precipitate.
Postdisaster communicable disease incidence is related more closely to the characteristics of the displaced population (size, health status, living conditions) than to the precipitating event.
From an energy savings perspective, the most important consequence is that the power balance changes significantly when precipitating lignin, in some cases even leading to a power deficiency in the mill.