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Because if your brain goes without oxygen for more than five minute, your chances of survival decline precipitously.
We've suggested that districts should not act precipitously.
Though the roster boasts perhaps more openly gay filmmakers than ever before, the number of programmed films featuring gay and lesbian content has dropped precipitously.
While BNP's deal doesn't exactly constitute the kind of citywide exodus that some fear could grip the Manhattan real estate market if its rents rise too precipitously, the bank's move could be evidence that more tenants will perhaps be willing to expand the boundaries of their search for space past the confines of Manhattan.
Roland Pryzblewski (Jim True-Frost) returns to ``The Wire'' this season as a teacher with a precipitously steep classroom learning curve.
It's not fun to watch your gas gauge drop precipitously when you're riding along with less than a quarter-tank of fuel, which is what I had the displeasure of doing.
Stillbirths accounted for about 15 of every 1,000 deliveries for mothers aged 12-13; the rate dropped precipitously, to nine per 1,000, by age 15 and remained below that level until the mid-30s.
Schumann suspects that in autism, the number of neurons in the amygdala rises precipitously during early childhood and declines sharply later in life.
A rigorous palette of white walls and creamy stone floors unifies the interior, with the odd calculated touch such as the designer light fitting that hovers precipitously over the entrance hall like a clutch of suspended pick-up-sticks.
This will maintain the job market for teachers threatened by Canada's precipitously declining birth rate.
Kale concludes by observing that salons were useful to upper class women without being the least bit feminist but that even their social utility declined precipitously after 1848.
Whether Georgiou's John Doe leaning precipitously over a balcony, his arms hanging down, is expressing some sort of inner despair, practicing the latest exercise fad, or simply trying to reach something he's dropped is not really the point, just as in another painting it is pointless to wonder whether he's preparing for sex, prayer, or something else as he kneels with his arms on a bed, naked but for his shoes and socks.