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Lazarus, a third-year law student at Case Western University, reasoned that the definition of marriage enshrined by a 2004 ballot initiative known as Issue I precluded Burk's girlfriend from charging him under the state's domestic violence law.
The criteria for participation in Social Security precluded an overwhelming majority of African Americans simply by embedding the code words "'covered workers" into the legislation.
The Superior Court reversed, finding that coverage was precluded based upon the doctrine of inferred intent; and public policy.
The small sample size, small number of patients with late SARS recognition, and small cell size for some dichotomous variables precluded multivariate logistic regression analysis.
For example, holding a note from the sale of partnership assets and collecting interest on it precluded termination, and so did discontinuing a business while maintaining the partnership for investment purposes.
But then again, it had the side effect of turning Greenspan into the nation's second foremost cheerleader (after Clinton) for the NASDAQ bubble, and thereby precluded serious consideration of policies that might have slowed the bubble without raising interest rates, and thus helped to prolong the period of full-employment prosperity that came into being at that time.
Furthermore, this case is one of first impression under a new statute that ought to be resolved on its merits and that cannot be decided without expert evidence, Hence, it would be necessary to allow the United States to retain new experts if its current experts were precluded from testifying.
Finally, this country would have been deprived of a major bac kbench talent if another local girl, Glenda Jackson MP,had been precluded from standing because of her ``celebrity'' status .
In addition, the National Office noted: "[E]ven if the form of the transaction does not reflect its substance, the taxpayer is generally precluded from attempting to recharacterize its own transaction .
The Maryland Court held that G-4 aliens were not precluded from doing so, and the U.
For example, where the New Testament or the Church's tradition have interpreted certain texts of the Old Testament in a Christological fashion, special care should be observed in the translation of these texts so that a Christological meaning is not precluded.