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One example is the guard at the link between and its actuator-all moving parts are thus protected, precluding the possibility of unintended intervention.
This is a successful solution visually, and it allows the surrounding site to be left mainly untouched as a wild meadow, both precluding the need for gardening and enhancing the main idea.
The examples previously described are becoming more important as courts recognize them as acceptable reasons for precluding liability.
2d 1 (1989), the Appellate Division held that there is no per se rule precluding a new business from recovering lost profits
The liner does upgrade the dump's safety, relative to when it was built or acquired, by precluding existing toxic waste from easing into the soil in future years.
Expanding our buyback program will enable us to acquire shares at attractive prices without precluding us from examining other ways to invest our cash to fuel our future growth and create value for shareholders.
The appeals court held that there were genuine issues of material fact, precluding summary judgment, as to whether sheriffs department officers were aware that the detainee was diabetic and was showing signs of a ketoacidic condition, but failed to provide him with food.
The IRS may attempt to argue the amount paid to cancel the warrant is in excess of its FMV, thereby precluding a portion of the claimed deduction under Sec.